Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rimrock Roofing in Billings Now Accepts Bitcoin

With the popularity of Bitcoin increasing through every passing day in different parts of the world, it is being accepted by more and more cutting-edge companies for payment of services rendered. Ever since Bitcoin was created over 5 years ago, individuals started to acquire it for various reasons, mostly to use it as a medium of payment for goods and services.
Rimrock Roofing is one of the most reputable and well-known roofing companies in Billings, Montana and has recently started accepting Bitcoin for payment. This undoubtedly is huge news for all of the storm damage victims of Billings as they can now use Bitcoin for paying for their upcoming restoration projects. What makes this mode of payment beneficial is the fact that it is easy to use, has virtually no transaction fees, is completely anonymous and appeals to the growing number of libertarians in Montana's largest city of Billings that are slowly learning about the many benefits of decentralized digital currencies.
Rimrock Roofing is widely known for being the roofing contractor of choice as well as siding installation experts in the Billings, Montana area. Not only is the company known for providing top quality roofing services, but it also provides one of the most experienced teams of insurance claims experts to all of its customers. Anyone who is looking to get the most exclusive and high quality commercial or residential roofing contractor in Billings must contact Rimrock Roofing as soon as possible since they are booking up quickly and will soon be forced to put new clients on a waiting list for next year.
Premium siding replacement, seamless gutters and custom window installation, as well as expert storm damage insurance claim assistance is also offered by the company. With residential and commercial roofing being one of the major services the company provides, Billings property owners can rest assured that all of their storm damage restoration can be handled properly by one local company since Rimrock Roofing is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor.
The company is offering all Billings property owners a no cost upgrade in July to a Class 4 Impact-Resistant roof shingle that can withstand hail strikes without sustaining any damage to the shingle, expiring on July 31st. So you must act quickly. This free upgrade during July eliminates the hassles of future re-roofing from hail and can often permanently lower the owner's insurance premium as well.
The top quality residential and commercial roof replacement provided by the company can now be paid in Bitcoin. New roof installation during the month of July is guaranteed to be performed within 14 days of reservation. Billings' roofing experts have a large number of crews available to ensure a timely roof installation is provided to all new and returning customers wishing to upgrade their damaged roof to a Class 4 Impact-Resistant shingle – at no additional cost. 
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Rimrock Roofing is a premier roofing contractor in Billings, Montana that specializes in top quality roof installation and replacement services for both residential and commercial properties. Always one step ahead of the competition, the company has recently also started to accept Bitcoin as payment. 

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